RepTrak is a key driver of enhanced business success

RepTrak is the technology that defines and quantifies corporate reputation. Companies with an excellent reputation not only perform better but are better insulated against risk


Stronger Advocaccy

Stronger Advocacy

+ 5.7% increase in positive sentiment for every
5-point improvement in reputation
Increased Sales

Increased Sales

+ 6.3% increase in purchase intent for every
5-point improvement in reputation
Employer Of Choice

Employer of Choice

+ 57% of the general public are willing to work for a
company with an excellent reputation
More Assurance

More Assurance

+63% of the general public give companies with
excellent reputations the benefit of the doubt

Business Intelligence is Powered by RepTrak

Reputation Intelligence means having a data-driven and wholly integrated understanding of the what, why, and how to enhance your business. The RepTrak System uniquely provides leaders with illumination and the opportunity to continuously assess reputation in real-time.

For executive leaders, RepTrak provides a pressure tested and academically validated means of assessing and enhancing reputation.

RepTrak Analyzer

RepTrak as an Intelligence System

Reputation Intelligence System



Reputation to the exponential power of
mining, measuring, managing, and membership 


Meet Kasper, RI's Chief Product Officer who explains the importance of trust, knowing how you are perceived, and what matters most to your stakeholders.

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